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Torque Tools RAD Torque Tools

RAD Torque wrenches deliver powerful, accurate & safe torque load. These lightweight and ergonomic hand held pistol grip tools are being used in many industries worldwide.

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OTR Rim Wheel

Rims, Wheels and Accessories

PT GloMinPro Indonesia's knowledgable staff has over 70 years experience in off road applications, to offer you accurate information on the proper wheels, rims and accessories for all your heavy duty applications.

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Hydraulic Jack System

Hydraulic Jacking Equipment

Hydraulic Lift Systems providing lifting and safety solutions to the heavy equipment industry for a variety of equipment management and safety challenges.

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Tire Inflation

Tire Inflating Products

Specializing in LARGE BORE, SUPER GIANT BORE, SUPER LARGE BORE and SUPER EXCEL tire inflating systems for large and giant off-the-road tires.

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Bead Breaker

Hydraulic Hand Tools

Handheld hydraulic power for all industrial applications, specializing in bead breakers, cylinders, pumps and rams.

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Our socket design is clearly superior to most other sockets available. The state of the art electro-chemical machining process makes it possible to produce all of our sockets in the less-stress configuration.

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Hubs & Axles

Axles, Hubs & Air Brakes

Our axles are manufactured from quenched and tempered alloy steel castings. The material selection and heat treatment process used provides the highest impact values in the industry.

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